All Polypropylene Film + Foil LT Shunt Capacitors
design features
Employes two sides hazy rough electrical grade Biaxially oriented Polypropylene Film & Aluminium Foil of 99% and above purity.
Capacitor impregnated under vacuum with environmentally compatible, Non Toxic, Non-PCB insulting oil.
Epoxy Moulded insulators/Ceramic bushes with tin plated terminals to get better mechanical strength and to avoid leakage through bushing.
• Paper Industries • Sugar Industries • Textile Industries • Cement Industries •Steel Rolling Mills • Software Technology Parks • Windmill Application • Arc Welding Equipment’s • Battery Manufacturing Units • Automobiles Manufacturing Industries • Motor consoled by variable frequency drives etc.
Benefits of Non Self-Healing Capacitors
  • Operates at a very low current density.
  • Can comfortably withstand heavy inrush currents.
  • Withstand high current variations as in the case of Arc Welding equipment’s, and such other loads of a Fluctuating type.
  • Withstands heavy and varying currents associated with parallel switching, such as those occurring in Automatic Power Factor Correction.
  • Operates at a low dielectric stress.
  • Withstands frequent and high voltage fluctuations prevalent in the industrial segment power supply system.
  • Sustains over voltages occurring due to the presence of harmonics to a reasonable level.
Dielectric Polypropylene
Range 1 KVAR to 25 KVAR thereafter in Bank formation
Tolerance -5% to +10%
Voltage 415 / 440 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Insulation Level 3/- KV
Insulation Resistance >50 Meohms
Ambient Temperature -10° to +55°C
Voltage between Terminals Ut = 4.3 Un / DC or 2.15 Un
Loss Angle < 0.0010
Discharge Device Through Resistors
Altitude Not exceeding 1000 Meters above Sea level
Impregnation NPCB
Max. Over Current 1.43 x Rated current
Max. Over Voltage 1.3 Rated Voltage
Losses (WATT/KVAR) 0.5 Watt / KVAR
Appearance Rectangular