Double Di-electric Heavy Duty Capacitors
The requirement of heavy duty industrial loads, such as rectifiers, arc or induction furnaces, large rolling mills etc. The basic reason which makes these loads arduous in nature is that each load gives rise to high over current or higher over voltage in an irregular manner. Rectifier load or arc furnace generates harmonic voltages which would impose continuous and severe over current on capacitors.
In order to build up the correct degree of protection, a capacitor needs to be given a higher over current and also higher surge voltage withstand capcity. This dual consideration has been taken into account to evolve a different constructions of capacitors. This design of the capacitor has been evolved keeping in mind the basic simplicity of construction of primary MPP cell and its superiority in the capital and operating costs. The new design retains all these features and still raises by about a factor of two, over current as also the surge voltage withstand capacity.